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Do you have one or more important goals or dreams you'd like to achieve?  Are you wanting to create a significant change in your life? Sick and tired of getting the same results?


If you want to get your goals kicked this year, then you’re in the right place.  Whatever your  goals, dreams or desired life changes ... whatever area of life you want to achieve in  ... no matter whether your goals are new or old, I'm glad you're here!!  Because … I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. I love goals because they allow us to connect with what we value most and to consciously focus our direction.  They also help us to experience life, growth and fulfillment.   And I'd love to help YOU to follow your goals and dreams. 

If We Haven't Met Before ... I'm Lisa McDonald and for the past 15 years as a coach I've been empowering women and men to gain the clarity to get unstuck, walk their own path, and achieve important goals and dreams.  I’ve been privileged to work with many clients on a great variety of business and personal goals - ranging from building up businesses and growing income, to improving health and wellness, to achieving physical challenges, to rebuilding life after separation, to living more strategically for greater fulfillment and more.  If you like, you can read more about me below.

If you're ready to make 2019 the year to achieve those big goals, you'll love my one day Strategic Goal Setting:  Life Review and Planning Workshop.

Read on to find out more about it, OR Scroll to the end if you're ready to register now.

2019 Strategic Goal Setting: Life Review & Planning Workshop

Get Set Up For The Year

January, as you leave behind the old year and move into a new one, is a great time for slowing down, reflecting and re-setting your goals.

You've heard it all before that time is of the essence, so I'm not going to labour that point.  But time is finite - you don't get it back.  Inaction creates time pressures, drains energy and erodes focus.  It creates stress and overwhelm, and kills motivation.

Getting your goals planning done early, so you can get moving on reaching your goals.

The First Step

Clarifying your goals and writing them down is an important first step to achieving any life change, goal or dream or that you have.

According to a 2013 study undertaken by the University of Scranton Pennsylvania, people who explicitly make resolutions (ie write them) are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don't.  So, if you're serious about making this year different, then come to my 2019 Strategic Goal Setting:  Life Review & Planning Workshop  and GET IT DONE early, in one day

It also includes information, simple action steps and resources to assist you in reviewing, goal setting and action planning in 8 key wheel of life areas.

Highly Focused One Day Workshop

The  purpose of this one-day 2019 Strategic Goal Setting:  Life Review & Planning Workshop is to help you to get yourself set up for the year - so you can hit the ground running in 2019. 

First, you'll be holistically reviewing your life, in 8 key life areas eg physical health, finances and relationships etc. This big-picture approach encourages goal setting that is more balanced, ecological and sustainable for you.  


Second, you'll be strategically setting your goals.  Rather than trying to do everything you'll be focusing on what's most important, your priorities. Do less, achieve more. Being strategic can free up valuable time and energy.

And thirdly, you'll be actively creating a road map for taking action towards your goals.   That way you'll leave the workshop with a plan with key action steps and strategies to get moving and make progress.


In just one really focused day you'll get your 12-month review, goal setting and planning DONE!


Here's what some past participants have said:


"Lisa's goal setting workshop is a must do for anyone, individual or business owner to refocus and re-energise their efforts in becoming more successful.  Goal setting is critical for success and Lisa's program will nail the process of setting and making goals." - John Braakhuis, IT Manager


"Lisa presented an excellent Goals Setting Workshop with a mix of talking, sharing and writing.  She is passionate about helping others and has developed materials for coaching, goal setting and achieving your goals.  Thanks Lisa.”  - Susie Davies-Splitter, Music Teacher, Musician and Composer

“This is my third year of participating in the Goal Setting Workshop. I find it an excellent tool to help clarify the goals I want to achieve for each year.  I am an extremely busy person, so the workshop gives me an opportunity to sit down and think clearly without distraction.  Lisa’s questions and guidance are invaluable to my ability to get clear goals set each year.” – Jo Thoo, Project Manager

"Lisa's goal setting workshop has really helped me to gain clarity and prioritise my objectives for this year.  A practical review and implementation plan.  Highly recommended!" - Michael Dockery, Business Owner

8 Key Benefits of This 1 Day Strategic Goal Setting Workshop

Simple and powerful tools, strategies and techniques

Holistic approach -  takes an integrated view your life and goals setting, incorporated 8 key life areas

Strategic focus - encourages you to streamline your thinking, planning and actions

Time Saving - to quickly and effectively review the past and plan the future

Personalised attention from a professional coach -  to get moving and get the job done.

Supportive Environment - with a like-minded group of people

Interactive format - a great a way to ask questions and learn

Small group alternative - A fun way to learn and keep costs down

 What You'll Be Doing and Outcomes

This highly structured day offers you sessions specifically designed to assist you to reconnect with what's important to you, to create your 2019 roadmap for success.  By the end of the day you will have:  

Reflected and assessed your 2018 results  in 8 key life areas, and then put the past year behind you

Established your vision, key goals and priorities for 2019

Written a powerful 12 Month Life Goals List for 2019

Generated performance enhancement strategies to cut through ingrained habits in 2019

Created a key action plan framework to achieve desired outcomes for 2019

Here's what some past participants have said:

“Lisa has helped me prioritise my goals and gave me strategies to implement those goals.  I feel more at ease and balanced about what I need to do next.  Thank you, Lisa!”  Today was especially helpful coming along with my partner, so we could communicate and share our values and goals." - Marianne Firnigl, Speech Pathologist

"Lisa’s goal setting day course was fantastic. Her insights and strategic approach to identifying most important goals and establishing an achievable action plan to bring to life will go a long way to making the year the best one every for me.  Thank you!” 
- Simon Johnson, Communications

"The workshop was full of valuable information to start the year.  I was amazed with the streamlined way Lisa was able to incorporate so much content in one day.  I feel like I’m off to a flying start for the year, as if I have already achieved these goals.” 
– Carol Smith, Healer & Coach

Lisa guides you through a structured and non threatening process that delivers strategic life goals and action plans.  Such a critical tool for achieving what is important to you and your life. Everyone should do it!” – Adam Firnigl, Fast Property Solutions


Workshop Package Inclusions

Your 2019 Strategic Goal Setting:  Life Review & Planning Workshop Package Includes:

1 X One Day Virtual  Workshop:  2019 Goal Strategic Setting:  Life Review & Planning Workshop

Comprehensive Review

Take away material, some of which includes:

- 12 month Goals Plan

- Action Plan for implementing key goals, PLUS ...

BONUS:  You'll also get a 1 X 30 Minute One-on-one 'Post Workshop Clarity & Action Call with me':  It gives you the opportunity to ask any questions and fine tune anything we've covered in the workshop.  It will be totally focused on you, your goal and  taking action!  

EXTRA BONUS: You will also gain free Access to video replay of Workshop Allowing you to review any of the sessions at your convenience,

2019 Special Price

The 2019 Strategic Goal Setting:  Life Review & Planning Workshop Package, including your very own one-on-one coaching session, is fabulous value - even at the regular price of $375!   However, as it's only my second year running my virtual Goal Setting 1 Day Workshop, I'm offering it to you at a very special price of ONLY $187 per person (single ticket), and $97 per person per extra person (book and paid together).  This special price is HALF of what you'd normally pay at a physical eventa saving of $187 per person for a single ticket, and even more for two or more people tickets.

By the end of this one day workshop you'll have the key elements DONE!!   You'll have an inspired vision for your year, clarity around your goals, and a clear plan so you'll be ready to start taking action on your goals.  PLUS you'll have your own one-on-one call  within 2 weeks of the workshop to help you in making progress.


My one day 2019 Strategic Goal Setting:  Life Review & Planning Workshop will be held on Saturday, 19 January 2019.  Start time will be 9.00 am (doors open time 8.45 am) through until 5.00 pm, including breaks.  Registration Closes  Thursday, 17 January 2018 at 5.00 pm.


This will be a live virtual workshop.That means you can be at whatever location you choose - the beach, a banana-lounge, an outside deck, the library or your office.  From any location that has good internet!!  And, you can wear ANYTHING you like ... your shorts, bathers or dress ... your sandles, thongs or heels ... whatever makes you feel good.

I'll be using Zoom software (like Skype) for the workshop.  You can easily link in via your computer, tablet or mobile phone and a good internet connection. 


About Lisa McDonald

I love setting goals because they help us to connect with what’s important, to consciously focus our direction and to walk our own path.   They also help us to experience life, growth and fulfillment.  These are some of the reasons I love helping clients to write goals, take action and achieve success.

Setting 12 month goals can be really powerful.  In 2002 I set a big goal to focus my gym training, set a new challenge and tackle my fear of being on stage:  by competing in my first ever Body Building competition.  From a total novice with only 3 months focused training I successfully achieved my goal on stage.
Afterwards I thought “If I can achieve that in 3 months, what could I achieve in 12 months?”  I then set a 12 month goal to qualify for the international competition (top 3) – a huge goal!  Next, I did lots of work: hired a coach, physical training, poses and routine practice, and lots more.  Additionally, I even changed categories which required me to learn how to pose in high heeled shoes, OMG!!  12 months later I’d achieved my goal, and headed overseas to compete.

I also know what it’s like to reset the same goal for a number of years because I hadn’t achieved it. For many years I’d wanted to become a mum.  Year after year I reset it as one of my goals, and worked hard to keep the opportunity alive.  After a long journey of failing to conceive and miscarriage, I finally gave birth to my gorgeous baby boy Charlie at the age of 47.  For more information about me click here.

Enough about me!  It's NOW time for YOU to take action.  Otherwise you are likely to regret your inaction, lost time and declining momentum.

Here's what others have said about the workshop:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the goal setting workshop.  It forced me to take the time out to seriously think about my goals for the year ahead, be accountable and realistic.  The day went very quickly, it was planned very well with useful tasks and equipped us with strategies to fulfill our goals." - Lauren Morrison, Manager

Lisa’s Goal Setting Workshop helps you gain the clarity and direction you need to focus on the goals that mean the most to you.  The process she uses is simple to understand while also challenging you to dig deep to discover your true heart’s desires.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to be successful in all areas of their life.  No matter where you are in your life, everyone can benefit from the tools Lisa teaches.  Thanks for a fantastic day Lisa. ” - Melissa Davy, TFT Therapist

"Lisa is a professional and knowledgeable presenter and imparter of knowledge and techniques that will help anyone to set themselves on the right course for the year ahead in both business and personal areas of life.  Thank you.” - Denise T, Photographer

Nothing Changes if you don’t take action - Register Now

Get set up early for the year  AND create the results you truly desire in 2019 by participating in my 2019 Strategic Goal Setting:  Life Review & Planning Workshop.

If you’re ready to step up and kick-start your 2019 goals, then take action today!  This special offer is available to you now, and it may never be offered again in this way and at this special price.  Registration closes Thursday, 17 January 2018, at 5.00 pm.

Remember, when you make a clear decision and take relevant actions steps, the universe conspires to support your goals.

Ready NOW? – Click Below To Register

 I look forward to assisting you to take the next step towards you goals and dreams, and to make the changes you want to make in your life.

With kind regards

Lisa McDonald


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